When taking prescribed medications or other dietary supplements, there is no risk of destroying or impacting the performance of the zeolite in ZOI ClearDrops®.

Consume ClearDrops® per one of the two following consumption regimens:

One Time Per Day Regimen: Place 1.0 ml of ClearDrops® (20 drops) in a 16 oz. glass of water one time per day between meals.

Two Times Per Day Regimen: Place 0.5 ml of ClearDrops® (10 drops) in an 8 oz. glass of water two times per day between meals.

Between meals is understood to be two hours before eating food or two hours after eating food.

ClearDrops® has no additional contraindications other than those written on the label regarding pregnant and lactating women.

ZOI recommends consuming ClearDrops® during the wake hours of your day so you don’t have frequent urination during your regular sleep hours due to the volume of water consumed with ClearDrops® dosing.

Consume ClearDrops® very consistently at the time(s) that are optimal for you and your schedule.  Doing this will provide your greatest benefit.