What are some of the ways toxins from heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and mycotoxins (mold) affect our wellness overtime?

by | Jun 7, 2022

Denise Stephens, ZOI CEO (00:01):

Thank you, Dr. Nikolaos. Okay. Carl, we're coming to you now my friend, it’s your turn.

ZOI Advisor (00:06):

Very good. Very good. Good to see you Dr. Nikolaos. So, you know, just riding on the back or in the same vain that Lori just asked the question. It was a great answer about heavy metals and inflammation. So I just want you to go into a little bit more detail. So what are the, some of the ways that toxins, not just heavy metals, like herbicides, pesticides, mycotoxins, which you know, are molds, how do they affect our health over time?

Dr. Nikolaos Tsirikos-Karapanos, PharmD, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon (00:33):

Thank you, Carl. Very, very nice point in very nice follow-up to Lori's question. They create a mess and the problem is that we are not only under the attack of one kind of toxins. It's not only (inaudible) it's not only herbicides. It's not only pesticides. We have all the above and for people that live in places where mold develops, it's also mold. So there are, there is a global attack, to many biochemical reactions. If we go, if we go low to molecular level and biochemistry level, we have many biochemical reactions having problems to be performed, as they should be performed, in our body, because of all these intruders. Okay. The outcome is not a single problem in one system. It is a generalized manifestation that we have out of this phenomenon. So synchronously at the same time, you may have less energy. May have brain fog.

Dr. Nikolaos Tsirikos-Karapanos, PharmD, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon (01:59):

You have more fatigue than usual. You have loss of the short memory. Short memory is one of the first problems that you experienced. Long-Term memory. What happened? You'll hear this from people around us saying, like, I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday night. And they remember a single word or something that happened in the ninth grade in the school. Okay. So long memory is very well established. Short memory needs our brain and many other systems in our body to be here right now to work. So less energy, brain fog, fatigue, loss of short memory, and of course, bad sleep. So it's not one clinical manifestation, as we would say, in medicine, it's a plethora of symptoms that we see out of this toxicity.

Denise Stephens, ZOI CEO (03:12):

Thank you, Dr. Nikolaos. Yes. Things that we're all dealing with and you know, and yet we don't even realize that what the cause of it is. And you know, when you're in your thirties, you think I'm just getting old. By the time you get to 40, you're saying, oh my goodness, I can't believe how I feel by the time he hit 50. Well, all these years you're building up these, this chronic accumulation. So this is where, what makes our solutions so phenomenal to begin the reversing and the turning around of what's been building up. So great question, Carl. Thank you, Dr. Nikolaos, for that answer.