Outside of the label contraindications, is there any other contraindication that someone should be aware?

by | Jun 8, 2022

ZOI Advisor (00:03):

Very good. Very good. So, I have my bottle of ClearDrops right here. Okay. And the label clearly states that ClearDrops is for adults, and it's not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. So, are there any other contrary indications that someone should be aware of? Like, let's say somebody is taking antidepressants for example!

Dr. Nikolaos Tsirikos-Karapanos, PharmD, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon (00:28):

Thank you for the question, Carl. No, there are not, not known. Let's be careful when we refer to a label, let's read the labels of any product, pharmaceutical or dietary supplement, or food. So, in the label, clearly we state, and I think I have the label here. If you're pregnant nursing or have a known medical condition consult the health care professional before using any dietary supplement. So, pregnancy is one condition that we don't recommend ClearDrops like a patient, the same thing for a very simple reason. No studies have been conducted about this and in the dietary supplements’ domain, what is the regulatory obligation is the same with the pharmaceutical product. For pharmaceutical products to be administered to pregnant women, certain studies must be conducted. It's not that you can just go ahead and give whatever.  Things have been very bad, in the history of medicine. Uh, we all know what happened with Alkamid in Germany and many other countries. So, the first hippocratic principle is first, no harm. Okay. So, uh, pregnancy lactation and any other known medical condition, some folks, some friends have, non-medical problems. Please ask your healthcare professional, ask your doctor before you take any dietary supplement, including ClearDrops. Safety First!

Denise Stephens, ZOI CEO (02:25):

Great point.