As with every ZOI Global product, safety is PRIORITY ONE!

In ZOI ClearDrops®, a glass pipette is used to dispense the daily serving size of ClearDrops®. On the pipette, there are several markings painted on the pipette for measurement purposes.

The paint used to mark the measurement markings are, either, lead-based paint or non-lead based paint. While lead-based paint may have less propensity to erode from the pipette, it would have increased risk to, possibly, leach free lead into the ZOI ClearDrops® product.

For this reason, Metron Nutraceuticals, formulator and creator of ZOI ClearDrops®, requires non-lead toxic pipettes to be used in final distribution of ZOI ClearDrops®.

Post-production elemental impurities testing, performed months after initial production elemental impurities testing, conclusively shows the water-based paint on the pipette DOES NOT have a negative effect on the safety and/or quality of ClearDrops®.

In order to avoid product contamination, please DO NOT TOUCH THE PIPETTE with your fingers for any reason.

SUGGESTION: For adults. Take ½ dropper, twice per day, between meals with an 8 oz. glass of water. Do not exceed recommended dose.