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How To Evaluate Zeolite
How To Evaluate Zeolite
The differences may be THE difference

Zeolite may be one of the most important supplements of our lifetime.

However, there are several factors that must be understood by the unsuspecting consumer.

This series offers education by THE highly-qualified, triple-board certified ZEOLITE EXPERT.

2022 - E.U. Zeolite Status
2022: E.U. Zeolite Status
E.F.S.A. Determination Revealed

In 2020, the European Food Safety Authority made a safety ruling as it pertains to the use of zeolite products in the European Union.

Watch the video to understand the EFSA determination, ZOI Global approach to the ruling, potential label-changing ramifications, silica vs. zeolite, and much more.

HIGH Science vs. HYPE Science
HIGH Science vs. HYPE Science
When SCIENCE speaks, people benefit

Discover the strategies for marketing one of the most important dietary supplements of our lifetime: zeolite clinoptilolite, also known as sodium aluminosilicate.

At ZOI Global, we say when you don’t have science, you rely on testimonials. Testimonials are the junk food of dietary supplements sales and marketing.

Discover WHY!

Check My Zeolite
Powerful or Pitiful?
Check Your Zeolite Before Consuming

Zeolite by nature has many heavy metals. The consumer MUST understand elemental impurities testing standards.

Zeolite, by nature, IS NOT water-soluble. On the other hand, toxins ARE water-soluble.

To support your body’s detoxification efforts to the highest degree, a water-soluble zeolite is a MUST!

Compare the power of the water-soluble zeolite found EXCLUSIVELY at ZOI Global.

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