If I am obese, will ClearDrops still be able to pass into my adipose tissue to remove toxins?

by | Jun 8, 2022

Denise Stephens, ZOI CEO (00:00):

All right, Lori, we're coming back to you, my friend.

ZOI Advisor(00:06):

Okay. Well, this question comes up all the time, Dr. Nikolas, because my population is metabolic syndrome and most of these patients are obese or overweight. So, they're asking me, well, if I'm taking the ZOI ClearDrops, how will I know that it is pulling the toxins out of my fat tissue or adipose tissue? And how effective is that if the patient is or person taking the product is overweight, cause we know pulls out of the bone, brain and fat tissue. So that question comes up a lot. If you can address that. Appreciate it.

Dr. Nikolaos Tsirikos-Karapanos, PharmD, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon (00:44):

Excellent question Lori. Now let's make clear that we do not claim presently crossing the blood-brain barrier right, now regarding the adipose tissue. Okay. Obesity or someone being overweight has absolutely nothing to do with our water solution of water-soluble zeolite fragments, to be able to cross cellular membranes and be absorbed in the gut regardless of the body weight of this person. So, no worries the capability of our water-soluble zeolite to cross cellular membranes is not related with your body weight. So zero concern. All right.

Denise Stephens, ZOI CEO (01:39):

Wow. Wow. Excellent, boy that's great. So in that regard, Lori, everybody big, small, short or, tall has a problem with that detoxification needs. That's great question.