Dr. Nikolaos , with many earned degrees , what is so special about your pharmacy degree (PharmD)?

by | Jun 8, 2022

Denise Stephens, ZOI CEO (00:00):

And I think that we need to bring forward that it's not all, you know, you have many, many degrees here, Dr. Nikolas. You're very, well-educated at the end of the day. I love when you say that it’s your PharmD that has played such a significant role in you understanding what the body needs and how to deliver that. Do you want to elaborate on that Dr. Nikolas?

Dr. Nikolaos Tsirikos-Karapanos, PharmD, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon (00:24):

Denise, you know, that we are treating Metron’s dietary supplements as a supplier and ZOI Global treats the same dietary supplements as a distributor, as pharmaceutical products with the same respect of the first type Hippocratic principle and operating above and beyond the dietary supplements standard as set by the food and drug administration. And in some aspect, in some aspects in production and testing, we operate above the pharmaceutical standards of today. I think this speaks volumes. Now, what makes me the formulator is my PharmD degree after five study five-year studies and my board certification as fully trained board certified pharmacist. Yes, I can be a formulator. I could be a formulator in the pharmaceutical industry. So we are treating our technology very respectfully. We apply all the scientific requirements and we operate above and beyond of the current production and testing standards. I am not aware of anything that we could have done more in. We don't do it. 

Denise Stephens, ZOI CEO (02:02):

All right thank you for that. I, I just think that it's very powerful because it is very rare outside of the pharmaceutical industry to have a product available for people to recommend and help people. So that's, that's a very big deal. Thank you, Dr. Nikolas.