As a founder and the company’s leader, Denise dedicates her time to a clear and ambitious mission: “ZOI Global products are designed, patented, formulated, and tested to help people. I truly believe ZOI Global may offer some of our lifetimes’ most important dietary supplement solutions.”

Denise is keenly aware that challenging conventional views about health, supplements, and overall well-being may be intimidating to companies with, at best, sub-standard levels of research, if any at all. Daily, Denise embraces this challenge as an opportunity to inform healthcare professionals and consumers about ZOI’s coveted water-soluble zeolite line of dietary supplement solutions.

Founded just before the 2020 global pandemic, Denise has bold ambitions for ZOI Global. “We are a unique science-based dispensary offering the ONLY water-soluble zeolite dietary supplements PROVEN capable of crossing cellular membranes. I want people to understand the magnitude of the breakthrough in our coveted water-soluble-zeolite products,” she says. “For example, ZOI’s flagship product, ClearDrops®, is proven capable of crossing cellular membranes to attract, bind, and reverse the chronic accumulation of harmful toxins beginning the first day of use. There is no adult alive that cannot benefit from reversing the chronic accumulation of harmful toxins every single day of their lives.”

ZOI Global is committed to its long-term campaign of educating, informing, and sharing these breakthrough findings with the broader public. Denise emphasizes, “It’s all about what the body can use to benefit itself, not spending hard-earned money to fill landfills.”

Grounded on truth, transparency, and science, Denise further emphasizes, “When you have evidence-based scientific proof, you present it. When you don’t, you resort to testimonials. We must ask ourselves, ‘Why is a dietary supplement in the market if it cannot scientifically validate its claims? There can be only one reason: to make money.’”

Denise’s leadership at ZOI Global follows a successful career in marketing at AdvoCare International, where she pioneered the pathbreaking Step 1-2-3 weight management system. Although the system name was changed, this timeless marketing approach ultimately drove corporate sales close to $1B and still forms the foundation of a well-known weight management system that continues to be offered today.

As a former software engineer building systems for major U.S. aircraft contractors, Denise also gained invaluable insights and best practices into large-scale corporate strategy and operations, the critical nexus of the value of people, processes, and technology. Denise understands the environments and values that motivate people to perform at their best. Years later, Denise has brought these corporate experiences and proven sales techniques to the dietary supplements industry.

The value of this industry is over $150 billion, and Denise is channeling her experience, convictions, and expertise to bring PROVEN systemic-action dietary supplements to a broader customer base. While science and research lie at the foundation of ZOI Global, Denise commits a large portion of her time to informing, educating, and empowering people to live well, lead more productive lives, and help others do the same.

At her core, Denise believes in people, embraces technology, and sees her mission as educating the public to demand proof of every dietary supplement they use versus relying on testimonials and corporate-written white papers. “When you don’t have science, what is left? Good ol’ fashioned testimonials. Testimonials have plagued the dietary supplements industry because of hype science, not high science. ” Ask Denise about ZOI’s competitors, and she will firmly tell you: “Let them compete with our research, not our testimonials. At ZOI Global, testimonials are the junk food of the dietary supplements industry. ZOI products are PROVEN to work; therefore, we don’t rely on testimonials.”
Looking to the future, Denise has bold ambitions for ZOI Global. “At ZOI Global, our greatest asset is the educated consumer. ZOI will always promise high-quality, high-testing, high safety standards and proof of any claims on ZOI products. ZOI will never rely on testimonials, corporate-written white papers, or social media promoters to validate our breakthrough water-soluble zeolite formulations. Science will drive everything.”
ZOI Global’s triple-board certified inventor, Dr. Nikolaos Tsirikos-Karapanos, PharmD, MD, Cardiovascular Surgeon, and President of Metron Nutraceuticals, oversees all capabilities, testing, and product innovations offered at ZOI Global. “I believe our healthcare professionals and consumers deserve nothing less. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but never their own science.”
Fundamentally, Denise knows and understands that businesses exist to solve problems and improve lives, and her team at ZOI Global prides itself on prioritizing consumer outcomes over corporate incomes. “With products tested for absorption like every drug in a pharmacy and products exceeding FDA/cGMP standards in many aspects for dietary supplements, this type of evidence-based proof has never been seen in the dietary supplements industry. Again, ZOI Global may offer some of our lifetimes’ most important dietary supplements, and we do not take that responsibility lightly.”
Pioneering any industry is not easy. However, Denise is no beginner. “People won’t change what they do not understand. Our first goal is to help people understand the magnitude of water solubility. Once people understand the significant difference between total-body absorption and limited gut absorption, they will be able to maximize their wellness benefits while eliminating hype products. At ZOI Global, we don’t ask for trust, we just show the proof! Trust is a byproduct of honesty and transparency.”

“Our second goal is to help people learn to DEMAND to see the proof of claims of dietary supplements, especially zeolite dietary supplements. Once people achieve goals one and two, the chains of eating junk food (testimonials) may be broken…forever!

“When you help the people understand, everything else will take care of itself,” Denise says. “I believe your calling is higher if your path is more difficult. To me, there is no higher calling than making someone’s life better. THAT defines ZOI Global.”