Denise Stephens, CEO

As a founder and the company's leader, Denise dedicates her time to a clear and ambitious mission: "ZOI Global products are designed, patented, formulated, and tested to help people. I truly believe ZOI Global may offer some of our lifetimes' most important dietary supplement solutions."

Denise is keenly aware that challenging conventional views about health, supplements, and overall well-being may be intimidating to companies with, at best, sub-standard levels of research, if any at all. Daily, Denise embraces this challenge as an opportunity to inform healthcare professionals and consumers about ZOI’s coveted water-soluble zeolite line of dietary supplement solutions. 

Founded just before the 2020 global pandemic, Denise has bold ambitions for ZOI Global. "We are a unique science-based dispensary offering the ONLY water-soluble zeolite dietary supplements PROVEN capable of crossing cellular membranes. I want people to understand the magnitude of the breakthrough in our coveted water-soluble-zeolite products," she says. “For example, ZOI's flagship product, ClearDrops®, is proven capable of crossing cellular membranes to attract, bind, and reverse the chronic accumulation of harmful toxins beginning the first day of use.   There is no adult alive that cannot benefit from reversing the chronic accumulation of harmful toxins every single day of their lives.” 

ZOI Global is committed to its long-term campaign of educating, informing, and sharing these breakthrough findings with the broader public.  Denise emphasizes, "It's all about what the body can use to benefit itself, not spending hard-earned money to fill landfills."

Grounded on truth, transparency, and science, Denise further emphasizes, “When you have evidence-based scientific proof, you present it. When you don’t, you resort to testimonials.  We must ask ourselves, ‘Why is a dietary supplement in the market if it cannot scientifically validate its claims? There can be only one reason: to make money.’"

Denise's leadership at ZOI Global follows a successful career in sales and marketing at AdvoCare International, where she pioneered the pathbreaking Step 1-2-3 weight management system. Although the system name was changed, this timeless marketing approach ultimately helped teams of people to drive corporate sales close to $1B and still forms the foundation of a well-known weight management system that continues to be offered today. 


Loyd Stephens, COO

As the company’s second-in-command, Loyd focuses on a clear internal mission: ensuring a smooth warehouse operation for ZOI Global’s breakthrough products, cultivating relationships with the company’s distributors, and streamlining processes and procedures for continuous improvement and world-class results. As a natural problem-solver with an eye for efficiency and optimization, Loyd works alongside the leadership team to avoid potential supply chain bottlenecks, monitor product quality and distribution, and ensure compliance with cGMP standards as an FDA-registered facility. Loyd oversees a distribution company with headquarters in Las Vegas, operations in Houston, a formulator in Cleveland, and a manufacturer in Florida. Through his day-to-day responsibilities, Loyd anchors himself in the on-the-ground fundamentals of the company while also realizing his leadership philosophy behind the bigger picture: building a great company the right way.

What makes ZOI Global a great company, Loyd will tell you, begins with the unrivaled health benefits of its flagship product, ZOI ClearDrops, a zeolite dietary supplement that achieves a dual purpose: bringing healthy nutrients into the body while also removing harmful toxins. “At ZOI Global, we have a big breakthrough because before this discovery, zeolites were only capable of working and staying in the gut,” Loyd says. “Zeolites are well known and have been heavily used in environmental applications. However, ZOI’s brilliant formulator, Dr. Nikolaos Tsirikos-Karapanos, PharmD, MD, Cardiovascular Surgeon, President, Metron Nutraceuticals, is writing the book on water-soluble zeolites being able to act like a “garbage truck” to remove harmful toxins or a “delivery truck” to deliver helpful molecules inside the human cell.” The health implications are significant for a society ripe with constantly increasing chronic environmental toxins levels. Loyd and his team at ZOI Global are excited about bringing a transformative product to an untapped market to improve the wellness of people.

ZOI Global’s product stands out from the sea of other supplements as it has been tested in a rigorous pharmacokinetic study, the same testing required of every drug in a pharmacy. With a heavily vetted scientific foundation and established manufacturing operations at an FDA-registered facility, Loyd and Denise are now building a go-to-market strategy rooted in the proven techniques and best practices of selling direct to customers.

Like Denise, Loyd also came from a background in the aviation industry, working on producing military, commercial, and private aircraft. Over a twenty-three-year career, Loyd learned the ins and outs of corporate agendas and large-scale industrial operations, honed his skills in supply chain management and quality control, and developed a lifelong habit of always striving to make things work better and run faster. “Working on the B2 plans and A7 aircraft, I was always the one who made sure there were no stoppages,” Loyd likes to share. “Because stoppages mean money.” Loyd’s leadership success contributes to his intimate understanding of the relationship between sophisticated processes, large systems, and the people who manage them.


Lynn Wells, CFO

As the company’s CFO, Lynn dedicates her time to ensuring the financial success and sustainability of ZOI Global. Working alongside CEO Denise Stephens and COO Loyd Stephens, Lynn brings a seasoned due diligence approach to her role, ensuring the company's top priorities receive adequate funding and continuously asking the right questions about capital outlays and investments. Unique to Lynn’s leadership is her dual role as the company’s CFO and its primary financial investor. With a personal financial stake invested in ZOI Global, Lynn is especially cognizant and pragmatic about leadership decisions involving cash flows, inventory levels, P&L management, and go-to-market strategies for the company’s flagship products.

Based in Houston, she brings to ZOI Global a wealth of corporate experience from a long and decorated career with Compaq Computer Corporation and Hewlett Packard, where she joined the company from the very beginning in 1983. Starting in communications, Lynn worked in various departments across the company as it grew into a multinational corporation, gaining a full panorama of the business across operations, product design and development, marketing and pricing, events management, corporate financing, and management.  Eventually, she landed in sales, which would soon become her lifelong niche, specialty, and labor of love.  With experience across channel sales and direct sales, Lynn mastered the art of selling products and solutions she believed in, generating millions of dollars in sales for Compaq and HP’s popular data center products, client products, services, software, and solutions.   

“The greatest challenge of sales,” Lynn likes to share, “is getting your foot in the door, but once you’re in, it’s all about establishing that rapport with the customer, staying authentic, and being an advocate for that customer.”  What she particularly enjoyed about Compaq was an environment of continuous learning and the opportunity to prove herself.  “You weren’t judged on whether or not you had the experience,” she says. “You were given the opportunity to learn and grow in the job, and you had the opportunity to get a full-blown degree just by working at Compaq, literally and figuratively.”  After Lynn retired with over twenty-five years at Compaq/HP in 2016, it was only six weeks later when a competitor, Lenovo, a world-leading technology company, drew her back into Corporate America to become an Account Executive.  Looking back, Lynn knows that carefully developing the right solutions to solve customers’ real-world problems became a professional strength and guiding principle throughout her career with Compaq/HP, a philosophy she is now actively and eagerly channeling into her leadership role at ZOI Global. On the road to realizing a vision, Lynn likes to quote Brian Tracy, “Your ability to discipline yourself to set clear goals, and then to work toward them every day, will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor.”